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♪ >>megyn: thanks for watching. "studio b" with shepard smith starts right now. >>shepard: happy monday. the news begins anew, on "studio b" today. a new study shows your so-called free checking account is likely to be costing you more today than ever before. you may not even know it. a live report from fox business just ahead. governor romney blasted president obama for describing recent violence across the middle east and north africa as "bumps in the road." we have the details on that ahead. and a strike, again, copes, players, fans, blasting the nfl for using replacement referees. it has only been three weeks. did you see what happened over the weekend? we will show you unless breaking
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news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the start to the u.n. general assembly. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who is always entertaining marked the gathering of 120 world leaders with new slams on israel, the united states and members of the u.n. security council. it was not entertaining. western nations, including the united states, hit iran with tough penalties on the banking system and oil industry amid concerns that they are trying to develop a nuclear bomb. the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu is calling for the united states to draw a line on the sand. iran continues to claim their nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. today, the iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad, blasted the united states and others for supporting israel in the first place. israel is what he call add "fake regime." >> we have business that some members of the security council
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have chosen silence with regard to the nuclear warheads on the fake regime while, at the same time, they impede scientific progress of other nations. >>shepard: president ahmadinejad denied accusations his government is propping up the regime in syria, a regime that is killing its own people. he touched on the deadly american backlash over the amateur video that mocked mohammed saying we need laws to protect the "divine prophet." jonathan hunt has the news and is live at united nations. that is a preview of what ahmadinejad will deliver on wednesday. >>jonathan: certainly it seems so. president ahmadinejad seems as determined as ever to be as controversial and confrontational as ever. today, in a meeting with reporters at his mid--town manhattan hotel he mocked the idea that israel may launch an
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attack against iran's nuclear facility. >> fundamentally, we do not take seriously the threats of the zionists, an attack on iran by them, although iran at the end of the day is a great country. let me assure you, we do have all defensive means at our disposal. we are ready to defend ourselves >>jonathan: the white house responded to those and other controversial comments through national security council spokesman who said and i quote, "president ahmadinejad's comments are characterally disgusting, offenseive and outrageous and underscore again why america's commitment to the security of israel must be unshakeable and why the world must hold iran accountable for its utter failure to meet its obligations." earlier, president ahmadinejad met with u.n. secretary-general who warned him against incendiary rhetoric.
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iran's president is ignoring that warning completely once again. >>shepard: he will speak before the general assembly on wednesday. >>jonathan: there are a lot of very interesting speeches to watch and listen to this week. the day after president ahmadinejad speaks, israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu will speak. that is likely to be a call to arms for the entire world, to unite against iran's nuclear ambitions. of course, there are also speeches by the leaders of many of the countries that have gone through the so-called arab spring. among them is egypt's new islamic president who is likely to touch on the violence that gripped his and other countries recently in the wake of that allegedly antiislamic video. secretary of state hillary clinton touched on that in a speech at her husband's clinton global initiative and said the world must unite against the violence we have seen.
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>> unity on this throughout the international community is crucial. extremists around the world are working hard to drive us apart. all of us need to stand together, to resist the forces and to support democratic transitions underway in north africa and the middle east. >>jonathan: unity will be hard to come by at the united nations this week. >>shepard: no breath holding here. thank you, jonathan. >> we will bring in a foreign affair columnist and author of "nuclear showdown." it look like we just have a big old mess out there with ahmadinejad. >>guest: one thing about the general assembly meeting it brings together the worst meetings of the world and it gives them a stage to talk to the international community, a very large stage.
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we need to show up and counter it. this time, we are not showing up. the president is coming in, he is giving a speech and not meeting other world leaders but leave this to secretary of state, hillary clinton, to keep the world together this is a dangerous situation. we have the worst trends of 1914 and 1939 together at the same time. we really need the united states to be there to show leadership, not from behind, but from the front. >>shepard: secretary of state, hillary clinton is not leading from the front. >>guest: she is probably not going to be the secretary of state in three or four time and world leaders know that. they want to see the president of the united states because he is the one who embodies american leadership. >>shepard: what would that accomplish? we are led to believe by the white house they are talking all the time when they need to be. if we are talking about netanyahu, that is. >>guest: who is not talking to netanyahu. >>shepard: the white house says they talk all the time. how do i know, though?
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>>guest: the israeli prime minister specifically requested a meeting. >>shepard: but don't you see a lot of politics with that? to a lot of observers, from both sides of the political aisle, it looks like a political move on some level. >>guest: he does need to talk to us. we need to talk to him. he is very insecure at this moment at a time which is critical in the persian gulf. remember, too, we are not talking to the egyptian president. we have a lot of things on our agenda with him. >>shepard: what will we get done with morsi? i am just curious what we could accomplish with that man. >>guest: because of all the military aid we give the egyptians, clearly this gives us some leverage. if we are not going to use that leverage, what is the purpose of supporting the regime? we have had all those problems in cairo and we can see a lot more because of egypt's relations with israel are starting to deteriorate and we need to have some honest
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conversations with them. >>shepard: i have not heard a lot of discussion of what it would mean if egypt's relationship with israel, specifically that treaty, were to go away. that is very serious. >>guest: really, it would suppose israeli's flanks and make jerusalem insecure. when jerusalem is insecure, clearly it is going to have to defend their own security, especially if they think the united states is not work closely. when you talk to people in jerusalem, that is exactly what they are saying. they may not strike iran. on the other hand, they are very concerned about the lack of the american support. >>shepard: is it a lack of support? or is it a difference of opinion of how this should play out? >>guest: well, it could be both. the more important thing is that the israelis do not think we are on their side because of statements made that are more pro palestinians that in prior administrations. not meeting an israeli prime
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minister when he asks for it, regardless of the politics or the optics is what is going to make them crazy in jerusalem. >>shepard: thank you. it turns out your free checking account at most of the bans is costing you more than ever according to the annual survey reporting the average account balance a customer must maintain to avoid a fee is $723, three times what it was a few years ago. you can see the amount of the fees and how it spike the since the recession. for a noninterest bearing checking account it is average at $5.48 a month. bank rates report for the first time, everyone of the hundreds of banks studied charged noncustomers to use an a.t.m. the average fee is $2.50. that is another record high. that is the average. many customers pay a second fee
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from their own bank if they use another company's a.t.m. the study found those customers, for them, the total a.t.m. fees average $4 just for folks to take out their own money. i remember when they came on, at union planters bank, my dad a director and he said we have to get one of the a.t.m.'s they will cash price cows. can you go to the teller for free and the a.t.m. is $4. what? >> convenience costs. the banks will say, over and over, it is because of regulation they are trying to make money wherever they can. these are profit-generating companies, whether it is bank of america or chase or a bank in memphis, tennessee. they need to make money. does anyone really want to go in the bank? no. most americans say, 82 percent say they will switch banks if the fees are higher but they
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don't do it because of the hassle, because it is all about convenience, whether online, the mobile app, whatever, no one wants to pay the fees. at the end of the day they do pay the fees because they want an easier life and access to your money. you pay for the access. >>shepard: and to change your bill pays and online banking, it is a big hassle. is there a way to avoid the fees? >>guest: a lot of it is what you mentioned, keep a minimum balance. sign up for direct deposit. keep a minimum balance. >>shepard: not everyone can do that. >>guest: banks do not care they want customers to have an average salary of $75,000. ma is who the banks want to keep. you can do that but you have to be careful. they are really make the catch -- cash with the a.t.m. fee. 100 percent of the banks charge
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you if you do not bank with them. you go to chase at bank of america, five bucks. done. >>shepard: a rosy picture. >>guest: isn't it fun? >>shepard: high school students can walk into the school nurse's office and get emergency contraception without first going to their parents much the morning after pill for a 15-year-old girl without talking to mom. health officials are trying to prevent teen pregnancies but opponents say the government is going too far. we will have the details ahead. protesters convinced the libyan government to crackdown on militias like the one implicated in the murder of a united states ambassador. will that have an an affect? it's eb. eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition.
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>>shepard: 13 city schools in new york city are now offering students free birth control, including plan b, or the morning
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after school. officials report that there has been little resistance in the big city. necessity say parents at the schools involved have the opportunity to opt out but only 1 percent or 2 percent of the parents opened out. the rest of the students can now get the pill, the morning after pill, for three and they do not have to tell their parents. by corner draft, it is an emergency contraceptive supposed to reduce the risk of pregnancy if taken within a few daze after sex with no effect on women already pregnant there is no current estimate of the number of schools with similar programs but a 2001 survey of some 22 school-based health centers found 30 percent provided access to emergency contraception. there are clearly a lot them out there. we have judicial analyst, judge napolitano. there are privacy concerns. there are rights of parents
12:17 pm
concerns. >>judge napolitano: the government's argument is there are 7,000 teenage pregnancies in the city of new york per year. obviously, the vast majority of them, probably 90 percent, are unplanned. many of these are among the poor. the city ends up paying for the cost of the pregnancy and the cost, frequently, of the child care when the child is born. from the point of view of the city, anything it can do to deter the pregnancy saves taxpayer' dollars. that is the mayor's argument and the board of education. the other argument is, this is not a function for the city to get involved with. they say the city is removing from the parents the ability to regulate behavior of their children. the men and women receive the contraceptive devices, in the case of the girls, the morning after pill, and it actually kills the fertilized egg by
12:18 pm
expelling it without the concept the parents. the same city law that allows that requires consent from parents for an ear piercing or tattoo but not this. the third issue is privacy. children have the same rights privacy that adults do. the schools have no business interfering in the parent-child relationship and something as intimate as sexual activity. that is where we are. as you said in the introduction, no one else is doing this on so broad a school. very few people are complaining. >>shepard: it is not a problem with parents in new york city. is there a challenge? what are the concerns? >>judge napolitano: there probably will be a challenge. a parent will say, you gave what to my daughter without my consent? >>shepard: could the teen or whatever go to a free clinic and get the same thing? >>judge napolitano: yes.
12:19 pm
>>shepard: so the school is doing for kid what happens can be done elsewhere? >>judge napolitano: the laws are perverse they require consent for ear piercing or tattoo but not this. some parent will say they will sue, and a court will have to rule if this invades the parent-child relationship, whether it invades the privacy of the child, whether it is a proper function for government to interfere with this. >>shepard: legally speaking, if the parents were given the option to opt out, would there be a legal leg to stand on in >>judge napolitano: that is a great question. when the parents on the out, they on the out of everything. when they opt in, they opt in to everything. they are not given notice for what the "everything" consists of. if the parents opt in, boys can get condoms, the girls can get the birth control pills and the parent who not know. the school does not say
12:20 pm
yesterday we gave your son condoms or your daughter birth control pills or a pill that will expel the fertilized egg. the school does not have to tell the parents so the opting it does not require specific approval from the parent for each of the devices that the schools are giving out. >>shepard: very interesting. we are a week away from the first presidential debate. it is coming fast. both sides already are trying to spin the results. they are getting aggressive about it, too. the latest from the campaign trail is some interesting stuff. we will have it for you coming right up.
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>>shepard: mitt romney attempted to put the focus on
12:24 pm
the united states economy after the deadly attacks in north africa and the middle east. he claims his policies will create 12 million jobs. he said the united states cannot afford four more years of president obama. >> his campaign slogan is "forward," but i think forewarned is a better charge. what he describes is a continuation of four more years. i will ask you the same questions that the attorney general did: do you want four more years with 23 million americans struggling for good work? do you want four more years of trillion dollar deficits? do you want four more years with our military commitment being cut back further and further? do you want four more where half the kids coming out of college cannot find work or work with their skills? do you want four more years where one out of six americans are living in poverty?
12:25 pm
>>shepard: he adds that if he wins he will allow new drilling for oil on american land. john roberts is on the campaign trail in colorado this afternoon. john, the campaign put out the word that governor romney will be more aggressive. did you see that today? >>reporter: in terms of the schedule for the week we saw a glimmer of it. the gore -- governor heeding the call to differentiate himself from president obama and give people a reason for vote for him as opposed to just voting for president obama. he is drilling down on the economy and jobs. an important issue here where unemployment is at 11 percent he highlighted the plan for economic recovery and job creation, energy, trade, skills and spending and small business with special attention to reforming the tax code. >> our tax code is extraordinariry complicated. i understand that there are seven times as many pages in our tax code as in the bible.
12:26 pm
it is also a lot less interesting. i want to simplify it. one way i will do it, i will make sure we stop taxing for anyone making $200,000 a year and less. we stop taxing interest dividends and capital gains and let you save your money and not pay tax on it. >>reporter: a republican candidate is a tough sell here. president obama won in 2008 by 15 points with 42 percent of the population hispanic. we know how governor romney is doing among hispanics but it is closer this year. the romney campaign believes if it can increase their margins in heavily democratic counties they could pull it off. the governor is preparing for the debate next week accusing president obama of mischaracterize where he stands on so many issues. we saw last night an acknowledgment from the president that, yes, he believes
12:27 pm
some of his campaign attacks gons romney have gone overboard. listen to the webcast last night. >> do we see, sometimes, us going over board in our campaign, the mistakes that are made or the areas where there is no doubt that someone could dispute how we are presenting things? that happens in politics. >> on the plane, governor romney said president obama is trying to fool people into believing he thinks different than he thinks but that all ends at the debate here in colorado a week from wednesday. >>shepard: see you there. libya's president says he is going after the country's violent militias. today, the government reports it has broken up the group suspected of the deadly assault on the u.s. consulate. where are the suspects? that is coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and our top story with fox.
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>>shepard: i am shepard smith. this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top story. the white house is attempting to clarify remarks president obama made on cbs over the weekend when he referred to "bumps in the road" in the middle east. a pam said the presidential was speaking in broad terms and not about the attack that killed the ambassador and three others in libya. >> there is a certain rather desperate attempt to grasp words and phrases here to find
12:32 pm
political advantage. in this case that is the proceed found sense. the president was making clear in the historic transformation taking place in the region, progress will not always come in a straight line. >>shepard: today on the campaign trail, governor romney took direct aim at the president's comments. >> bumps in the road? we had an ambassador assassinated. we had a muslim brotherhood member elected to the presidency of egypt. 20,000 people have been killed in syria. we have problems in pakistan. of course, iran is that much closer to having the capacity to build a nuclear weapon. these are not "bumps in the road." these are human lives and developments we do not want. romney campaign claims "bumps in the road," is an attempt to minimize the failed policies.
12:33 pm
ed henry is in town today in new york city because the president is in new york city if the john assembly, the white house correspondent. the republicans are trying to make this "bump in the road" theme stick. it seems to be working. >>guest: it may be. this story, not the president's individual comment, is a big dear, the first terror attack on his watch. they trying now to pounce on the comments. they are trying to pounce on anything that adds more life to the story. the white house did not help by changing the story and the details and walking things back last week. certainly, after this interview, listen to what the president said. >> it was absolutely the right thing for us to do to align ourselves with democracy, universal rights, a notion that people have to be able to participate in their own governing but i was certain and continue to be pretty certain there will be bumps in the road.
12:34 pm
in a the love these places, the one organizing principle has been islam. >>reporter: that is why carney was saying it is taken out of context. it is clear the president was talking about the broad sweep of history and suggesting there is going to be several bumps in the road but corn any insists he was not trying to diminish the four americans and their lives. >>shepard: the president is in town for the john assembly but in scheduled meeting with world leaderred. that is unusual. >>reporter: last year he has 13 one-on-one meetings with world leaders. he will meet with world leaders with side line conversations and giving a speech to the u.n. general assembly tomorrow but the big deal here and what is different, it is an election year. he does not want a bilateral
12:35 pm
meeting with the libyan president and have these things coming in. listen to this. >> the president has just in the last few weeks had extensive consultations with foreign leaders including the leaders of egypt, israel, yemen, turkey, libya, and they will continue. not just with leaders in the region but leaders around the world. that is part of the job being president. he will encounter many leaders tonight in new york as well as tomorrow. >>reporter: the point is the president can still reach out to the world leaders as he has before. secretary of state, hillary clinton is here and she will have 60 meeting. >>shepard: 60? >>reporter: several dozen. she flies all around the world and now here in new york.
12:36 pm
the president is headed back after taping "the view," headed back to washington, dc. >>shepard: the state department has given a lost heat to our friends at cnn after they found the journal of the ambassador who was slain and they took the newsworthy items to air and the state department is in aways. >>reporter: cnn says they found the diary and in the diary, the arch stevens before he died suggested that he had concerns about security. that is obviously relevant to this investigation about what happened. listen to the cnn statement and i quote, "they did not initially report on the existence of the journal out of respect for the family but we felt there were issues raised in the journal which required full reporting which we did." you mentioned the state department upset, a top spokesman and advisor to hillary clinton believes that cnn broke a promise to the family of chris stevens to not report on what was in the journal saying given the truth of how this was handle
12:37 pm
ed cnn's patting on the back is disgusting after removing the diary of a man killed, and read it and transcribe it and e-mail it and then contact the family. we do not know the details of what cnn knew and what they did and did not tell the family but the department is upset. cnn understands as we would that there was newsworthy material in here because of this criminal investigation of four americans being killed and what kind of security conditions they had and people are wondering, why is the state department so up in arms about this? is it just about the family or is it because previously the administration's responses to this whole story have not added up. are they now worried cnn reported the contents of the journal which could push the story forward? >>shepard: four days after the assassination of our ambassador, a journalist found a journal inside a "crime scene" that no
12:38 pm
one investigated? that is weird. >>reporter: in the white house briefing room i and others have pressed jake carney as to where we are on the investigation? is it a terror attack? is it not? they would not say. they said they were waiting for more facts. let the f.b.i. investigation move forward. but the news organization found the diary, but the f.b.i. could not? >>shepard: welcome to new york, ed. a crack down in libya on the mily i can'ts -- militias with the libyan army reporting they raided several outposts removing the leaders of two power will militant groups. yesterday the libyan president ordered the militias to submit to government control or break apart entirely. the libyan leader seizing on the i i
12:39 pm
growing outrage. on friday tens of thousands condemned the deaths and those who killed them of the well liked ambassador, chris stevens, and three others, the outcry that secretary of state, hillary clinton praised. >> the people of benghazi sent this message loudly and clearly on friday when they forcefully rejected the extremists in their midst and reclaimed the honor and dignity of a courageous city. >>shepard: there are still big questions as to whether the libyan government has the muscle to get the army, rather, the militias under control. on top of that, the government relies on the militias for security after the fall of muammar qaddafi. >>reporter: it is less than three hours for the rogue militias to disband and government officials telling me
12:40 pm
it is going better-than-expected and the libyan security forces are taking the place of militants at bases here in tripoli and across the country. in benghazi, two militias under nominal government control were replaced by military officers. in benghazi, which was the scene of the dramatic protest and attack aimed at militants over the weekend, another protest, today, against a brigade thought responsible for a recent killing. some experts say this is a tactical withdrawal by the militia and the same government official indicated to me the deadline, well, it could be movable. new reporting about the killing of ambassador stevens and three other americans in benghazi, now nearly two weeks ago. "new york times" saying that a dozen c.i.a. operatives and contractors were based at the consulate tracking militant groups. some f.b.i. agents are on the ground in benghazi.
12:41 pm
we have a couple of sources saying otherwise. everyone agrees that the tough security situation is going on in this country and that city making for tough detective work. the latest word from the libyan authorities is that 25 suspects are in custody concerning the killing. finally, we had our producer on the ground in benghazi put a question to some locals about 9 idea of u.s. spies in their midst according to their report. you could be surprised at the reaction they got in terms of that question. they said they had no problem. they do not have too much respect if the institutions of the government and no respect for the extremists around them. back to you? >>shepard: thank you, and we go to an author, filmmaker, and author of "the world's most dangerous places." it is about survivor nfl --
12:42 pm
information on the worried's difficult places. >>guest: the reality is a terrorist group assassinated the ambassador and raised the flag of jihad over an embassy in benghazi. hillary clinton is trying to spin this as something to do with the film but there is no proof there was a protest against the film. 20 people showed up at 10:00 at night, seiged the embassy and then blew the hell out of the safe house and killed three people. that was a direct attack in support of a group that is linked with the attacks on the world trade center in 1993 and 2001. they are a group that is determined to get a detainee out of prison but it has nothing to do with films. >>shepard: from what i have been able to consume here in the
12:43 pm
mes like it is about that blind sheik. >>guest: right, and the guy in charge of the "hit" was a guy in gitmo we sent back to libya who was reformed and released in 2010 under the direction of one of muammar qaddafi's son. he baby sat the group. this is a group that planned and is continuing to attack other western elements in benghazi. they attacked the british ambassador and they put an i.e.d. in front of the embassy. they could not make anything clearer: we under attack in another foreign country. hillary clinton specifically set the security guideline so the guards what no bullets. can you imagine that? >>shepard: no. what does this change if us across the region? >>guest: hillary clinton needs to be fired. we need someone competent there. we are under attack. we are not welcome in these places as long as there are terrorist groups to specifically target high-profile targets like
12:44 pm
embassies and ambassadors. >>shepard: robert young pelton, thank you. ohio has 18 electoral votes up for grabs. a very tight race to get them. it is more important than 18 delegates. why the best political experts have a hard time figuring out what their voters are doing.
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12:46 pm
12:47 pm
>>shepard: back do the white house and the fight for a critical battleground state: ohio. a new poll from the ohio newspaper association shows president obama breaking 50 percent mark. he leads governor romney by five points but that is still inside the margin of error. we have heard it said that no runs has won the white house without taking the state of ohio. paul ryan is stumping in dayton and governor romney will head there this week. his trip will overlap with president obama's campaign stop on wednesday after he leaves the united nations. he has been to the state two
12:48 pm
dozen times during the presidency. no democrat since president kennedy has won without carrying that state. early voting start as week from now. boat campaigns are making a last-minute push for a statement which just might, might, might decide this election. now to our political reporter. is it that important? really? >>guest: ohio, i think, is the state to watch. there is a reason that both candidates are there this week. obama was there last week. romney was there a few times before that. it is a very big state. it is a very diverts state. it has 18 electoral votes. that is important. winning ohio the candidate can likely win similar states such aspin person and wisconsin where you have some similar voters, working-class voters and that kind of thing. it is on both candidates'
12:49 pm
radars. >>shepard: what has the polling trend been? obama is up, right? >>guest: our polling has him up almost 4 1/2 points which you have seen in the polls that have come out. a news poll had him up five points. on the ground, though, i think there is a closer race and observers and analysts are saying that we will see a race more like 2004 between bush and john kerry which was a two-point race and not the four-point race we saw four years ago. >>shepard: the locals are telling us, our reporters who work there, too, are having a hard time figuring out what is driving the undecided. what are the issues? how do you get them? >>guest: when the candidates visit they present two different versions of ohio. obama's is more optimistic saying his auto bailout is helping people and jobs are coming back. unemployment is a point lower in ohio than it is nationally.
12:50 pm
romney's argument is that median incomes are falling and obama's trade policies are causing manufacturing jobs to go overseas. we then have the republican governor in the middle saying his policies have brought back jobs but obama, having romney in the white house would certainly help. you have the competing visions for ohio. voters trying to figure out who they give credit to for the economy rising. >>shepard: early voting start as week from now. the time is now. thank you. does anyone else feel bad for the replacement referees? is it their fault that they are not very good? is it really their fault? or is this the league's fault in how much worse can this get? questions?
12:51 pm
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>>shepard: crazy weekend in the nfl. people are blaming the inexperienced replacement officials filling in because of the labor dispute between the nfl and the regulars. the replacemented admitted they made two very big mistakes but it was much worse than that. last night, fans at raven stadium made their feelings well-known with a profane chant that started with the word "bull" and ends with a word we cannot say. trace has much more. trace, the fans are mad at the officials but i feel bad for them. they cannot help it they are not very good. >>trace: they are not qualified. if you look at this whole thing, if there is a game that gets the
12:55 pm
refs back on the field it will be the ravens and patriots with the winning field goal at the end of the game, it goes up and right over the uprise but the referees called it good and the coach was furious, grabs the ref's arm and wants an explanation he will get a fine for that but it is indicative of how much frustration there is among the players and the coaches. here is coach belichick after the game. >> you should talk to the officials and talk to those people and ask them the questions because obviously i don't have the answer to it. i'm just coaching the game. you should ask them. i can't answer them. >>trace: he was not happy. the nfl players association is now sending a letter to the league saying to bring back the real referees. >>shepard: this is not just judgment calls but sometimes
12:56 pm
they don't know the rules. >>guest: that is right. it is consistency, they don't have control of the game, and you are right, they flatout do not know the rules. look at the dallas game with a rethrew his hat in the path of a dallas receiver that could have caused injury. you have referees out there who are doing more harm than good. you have the seahawks given an extra time out. the 49ers, the coach, was given two extra challenges yesterday. clearly that was not allowed. the games are going longer, three hours week three of last year, three hours and 14 minutes, week three of this year, which means a lot people in the west are missing their games. >>shepard: do something. come on, nfl, help us. managing my diabetes is part of my life,
12:57 pm
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